About Iowa Audio Video
Who We are:

Iowa Audio Video, Inc. is an established Professional Audio Video Company that operates in the state of  Iowa. Our companies home office is in Des Moines, IA. As an AV Integrator, we specialize in the design and installation of state-of-the-art Commercial  Audio Video and Corporate Audio Video Systems for business, government, healthcare, broadcast, educational and religious markets that include:

  • Boardroom Audio Video – Integration Consulting and Installation Services
  • Interactive Training and Conference Room AV Solutions
  • Control System and Automation with Crestron, AMX, and other open architecture partners
  • Teleconferencing Systems by Polycom and Clear One and many quality providers
  • Video Conferencing Solutions by Polycom, ClearOne LifeSize, ZOOM, Skype for Business, Link, WebEx, join.me Cisco.
  • Collaboration and Huddle Space Furniture Systems
  • LCD, LCoS, Laser Projectors
  • Projector Screens by Da-Lite, Draper, Screen Innovations, and others
  • Video Wall Design and Installation – LCD, LED
  • LCD – LED Television Screens and Video Distribution Systems
  • Speech Privacy (Sound Masking | White Noise)
  • Sound Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Drive-Thru Headset and Timer Systems
  • CCTV, Surveillance, Camera Systems
  • Intercom and Commercial Paging Systems
  • Acoustical Treatment for Noise Control and Sound Absorption.

We are unique in our ability to provide an integrated approach to our clients’ Professional Audio Video Integration needs for commercial, corporate and retail applications, AV, and media needs, ensuring that client brand and communication goals are met in a powerful combination of relevant solutions. Our experienced Commercial Audio Video and Integration | AV Design Team partners with major clients to identify opportunities to combine media products such as music, message on hold, sight, and sound in unique and creative ways that will enhance and elevate their brand.

IAV operates locally, in and around Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Council Bluffs, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Davenport and Ottumwa.

Additionally, Iowa  Audio Video is part of the MOOD: National Service Network of service making our installation professionals’ talents unrivaled in the industry. We have more than 450 professional technicians who can mount, connect and set up all equipment for any location across the country.

Our History

In 1982 James began his career in the AV and Muzak background music world as General Manager for AVCOM, the Muzak now Mood Media Franchise in Austin Texas. After 23 years, James Harle decided to branch out and buy his own Muzak Franchise, He made the move to the Midwest, where, in 2005 he went into partnership at Commercial Audio Video with offices in Sioux Falls, SD, Fargo ND, Bismarck, ND and Des Moines, IA, as President and Managing Partner and relocated from Austin, Texas to Sioux Falls, SD. In 2011 he and his partner spun off the Iowa markets and James formed Iowa Audio Video. James now makes his home in Urbandale, IA.  In 2016 he acquired Wisconsin Audio Video (formally Pridham Electronics),  an AV integration firm and Muzak now Mood Media franchisee with offices in Madison WI, Eau Claire, WI, Wausau, WI and Rockford, IL. In 2021 James acquired AudioMatrix, an AV Integration Company and Muzak now Mood Media Franchisee with offices in Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, CO and formed Commercial Audio Video Front Range aka CAV Front Range.

Our exclusive MOOD: Media franchises are proud to provide Media Products to over 4,000 businesses in Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska ,Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and each have operated continuously for over 60 years.

Iowa Audio Video  is part of a group of privately held Commercial AV Integration Corporations and Mood: Media Independent Franchisees that operate in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Commercial Audio Video – Front Range, LLC

Iowa Audio Video, Inc.

Wisconsin Audio Video, Inc

About Iowa Audio Video

We Have a team of certified designers ready to provide a FREE consultation with you on the right products for your business. We operate in and around Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Council Bluffs, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Davenport and Ottumwa.

Additionally, Commercial Audio Video is part of the MOOD: Media National Service Network of service making our installation professionals talents unrivaled in the industry. We have more than 450 professional technicians who can mount, connect and set up all equipment for any location across the country.

Des Moines


Fort Collins


Where It All Began
Let us take you down the timeline of history…

Every day we work closely with our clients; Architects, Engineers, Developers, and of course individual Business Owners and Managers to provide a wide variety of services from the design of interactive boardrooms and High-End Music Systems and Digital Signage Networks, to the enhancement or minimization of distracting noise in a workspace. Whether improving an existing sound reinforcement system or design/build of new music, video, or digital signage system we offer a systematic approach that meets the needs and concerns of our clients and accommodates the specific goals of each.

25 Years of History

23 Years Successful Commercial Audio Video Experience History
AVCOM Communications | Muzak: Texas - Austin, Texas


2005: Commercial Audio & Video | Muzak: Midwest
in 2005 acquired a minority position in Commercial Audio & Video, a Mood Media franchisee with offices in Sioux Falls, Fargo, Bismarck, and Des Moines


2011: Iowa Audio Video | Mood: Des Moines
Iowa Audio Video, an Independent Mood Media franchisee is formed after spin-off from Commercial Audio & Video, with offices in Clive Iowa. IAV is a leading Commercial Audio Visual Integrator and Mood Media Franchisee serving central Iowa


2016: Wisconsin Audio Video | Mood: Wisconsin
Acquisition of Priham Electronics and Mood Wisconsin. The name was formally changed to Wisconsin Audio Video in 2018. WAV is a leading commercial audio & video integration firm and Mood Media independent affiliate with offices in Madison WI, Eau Claire, WI, Wausau, WI and Rockford, IL.


2021: Commercial Audio Video Front Range | Mood: Front Range
Acquisition of Audiomatrix, Inc a Mood Media Franchisee in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Commercial Audio Video Front Range, LLC. was formed in April 2021. CAV Front Range is a leading commercial audio & video integration firm and Mood Media independent affiliate covering Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Jackson Scottsbluff and Sidney and all places in-between.
What We Do
Commercial Audio Visual Integration

Audio Visual Integration

As a provider of audio and acoustical solutions to thousands of clients throughout Iowa, we consult with clients to define and create integrated solutions that utilize technology to improve the ability of employees to work together and share knowledge. We specialize in the following products:
· Professional Boardroom AV Integration – Media Systems
· Audio Visual System Design and Installation
· AMX, Crestron, and other Open Architecture Control System Programming
· Sound Reinforcement Systems design and installation
· Video Wall Design and Implementation
· Large and Small Venue Projection Screen Installation
· LED, Laser, LCoS, LCD Digital Projector, and Projection System Design
· Digital Signage and Marketing solutions
· Digital Video Surveillance system design and installation
· Satellite and broadband distribution systems
· Conference and Meeting Room Audio and Video Room Combining Systems
· Speech Privacy Systems (Sound Masking or White Noise)
· Acoustical Treatment and Noise control System design and installation (Reverberation or Sound Blocking)
· Commercial intercom systems (QSR, C-Store, Industrial)
· AV Equipment Maintenance and Maintenance Contracts
· Drive-Thru Intercom Systems and Service for QSR Industry by HME, 3M, Panasonic and others
· Professional Service and Installation

Digitial Signage

Digital Signage provides an innovative way for organizations across a wide variety of industries–including financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare, sports, entertainment, safety and security, and transportation–to improve the customer and end-user experience, and strengthen their competitive advantage.
· Marketing: Promote, up-sell, and cross-sell products and services directly to customers in the store
· Enhanced customer experience: Deliver entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times
· Communications and training: Broadcast real-time executive and internal communications; offer cost-effective, flexible training options
· Information: Share up-to-date schedules and news right where people need it most in addition to providing real-time location and directional guidance
· Advertising: Sell screen time and real estate to third-party advertisers
As an Audio/Video service provider with more than 60 years’ experience, Iowa Audio Video through its MOOD: Media, or MOOD: Des Moines, affiliation has the end-to-end resources to fully develop, customize, manage and maintain a solution. From consultation and design to sales, installation, service, and training, plus full content creation services if you need it, Iowa Audio Video | MOOD: Des Moines keeps it simple and affordable. We’re the true single-source provider to match your needs to the perfect solution.

Speech Privacy

Speech Privacy (Sound Masking or White Noise) is the process of introducing ambient noise that gently overrides the sounds that ceiling panels do not completely reduce, making a workspace more comfortable and productive. Adding Sound Masking to your office space can improve the performance of your space by 50% and is acoustically equivalent to tripling the distance between employees. Distractions can be minimized which ensures you are creating a more productive environment for your employees. While the open office plan is designed to encourage interaction and collaboration, noise from meetings, speakerphones, and conversation can be overwhelming. Employees also need the opportunity to work independently without interruption.
Omaha Audio Video Speech Privacy Solutions will work in conjunction with your ceiling and panel systems to create an environment that encourages teamwork while allowing autonomy for your employees. As an industry leader in Speech Privacy Solutions, Omaha Audio Video can offer you an affordable acoustical solution that can significantly improve the comfort and productivity of your office space.