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Device Control
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QSC simplifies technology so that anyone can control and automate their home or work environment. With one touch, our solutions put a series of customized and carefully orchestrated events into motion – from preparing a conference room for a presentation.
Control Partners
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Iowa Audio Video has skilled programmers that work with many control platforms including QSC, AMX, Crestron, Extron and others
Asset Management
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We offer the industry’s most robust solution for managing and monitoring electronic equipment. Designed with both IT and AV professionals in mind, our Web-based software applications provide real-time, 24/7 access to the entire control system network – whether in a single facility or multiple locations around the world.
Transform Your Meeting Space

Thanks to today’s productivity software, collaboration tools, and remote access technology, work is more flexible, connected, and collaborative than ever. We’re less tethered to our desks and more connected to each other. From remote workers to business partners, clients to suppliers, we’re more connected than ever before. Meeting spaces are an essential component of collaboration. According to research, employees attend upwards of 60 or more meetings per month. Where do all these meetings take place? How do you tailor meeting spaces for all these different needs? That’s the issue many companies are struggling with. Thanks to the proliferation of open floorplans, many organizations now have fewer offices, driving the demand for additional meeting spaces of all kinds—and the technology they require in order to facilitate communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, workers can waste a lot of time setting up meeting technology, including connecting presenters and their devices and content as well as connecting remote participants. In fact, in the typical conference room setup, setting up video conferencing can eat up 10 to 12 minutes of time each meeting. You then lose time mid-meeting by passing control to other meeting presenters, changing presentation platforms, looking for the right dongle, waiting for inputs to connect, and accessing content. How do you make sure your meeting spaces are ready and able to meet the tasks at hand? How do you make sure the meeting technology is helping productivity rather than hindering it? The right meeting room design—and the right collaboration tools—can make all the difference. By paying attention to specific details, you can make your company’s meetings more productive, more efficient, more interesting, and more secure. Your users can interact and collaborate more powerfully, so they can get more done in the moment instead of taking notes on how to get more done later

Iowa Audio Video can help you boost performance, enhance your meetings and connect with confidence with professional Boardroom | Conference Room | Training Room AV Systems from Mood Media. Backed by decades of experience in designing and installing commercial grade systems, Mood delivers complete peace of mind and unmatched expertise to handle all of your conference room system needs.

  • Enjoy centralized room control at your fingertips
  • Experience a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Enhance on-site & virtual meeting quality
  • Leverage innovative technology from Crestron, QSC, Bose, Samsung and others
  • Reduce costs & dependence on travel


QSC Conference Room

Boardrooms / Conference Rooms / Huddle Rooms / Training Spaces

Modern meeting spaces meet these purposes not only through traditional conference rooms but rooms of all sizes. Huddle spaces for three or four people. Focus rooms for one-on-one meetings. Phone rooms for individual calls, so they don’t disturb the rest of the office. Modern offices incorporate stand-up meeting areas to take a break from sitting, lounge areas for casual meetings, and large meeting venues for all-hands meetings and other large gatherings. 50% of all companies have already redesigned their office spaces to create more meeting spaces. Particular emphasis centers on huddle rooms for small team meetings, small-group conference calls, one-on-one video conferencing, and other small-scale collaboration activities

A well-designed, well-equipped meeting space provides exceptional meeting experiences that can increase knowledge-sharing, encourage problem-solving, capture creativity, and accelerate innovation. These meeting rooms can pay for themselves through higher user productivity and business value, and Iowa Audio Video’s technology can play a central role in bringing collaboration to life

Iowa Audio Video is  proud to be the go-to integrator for a wide range of solutions designed for huddle rooms, executive board rooms, training rooms, conference centers, small meeting spaces and more. Our collaborative approach to every phase of your project makes all the difference. Contact us today and see why more companies are relying on Mood for our expertise in:

  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Commercial-grade Sound Systems & Displays
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Integration with Lighting, HVAC and Shades
  • Sound Masking/Speech Privacy
  • Consultation & Design
  • Installation & Service

And much more!

About Iowa Audio Video

Iowa Audio Video has a team of certified Designer Engineers and Brand Consultants ready to provide a FREE consultation with you on the right products for your business. We operate in and around Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Council Bluffs and Davenport

Additionally, Iowa Audio Video is part of the MOOD: Media National Service Network of service making our installation professionals talents unrivaled in the industry. We have more than 450 professional technicians who can mount, connect and set up all equipment for any location across the country.